Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In college

I have been in college for almost a year now here at Mississippi State. I am really enjoying it. Learning alot and making several new friends. I am real big into blogging but i will try to post more often.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First post in a long time

It has been a long time sence I have posted anything, and I feal it is time to post something again. I am going to try to start posting more often.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fort Massacure

I am against the government not persoing the threat to Fort Hood. They should have jumped on the situation at first suspicion. Also they should have at least put some extra guard at the fort. Also they would have been able to make contact with major Al-Queda leader, because Anwar Al-Awlak had links to Al-Queda.

The main reason, I am against what the FBI did was that it could have easily been prevented, and many lives saved. Around a week before the massacre they knew it could have happened. The FBI claimed they did not have enough prof to act. I think if it involves Al-Queda action should be taken into full concern. So lives can be saved

Also if the y had stopped it before it happened they could have gotten important information they could have saved lives by preventing other acts.

What if we went after the given information and they were not with who was planning the massacre? That would be better to be safe then sorry and we could have had some allies that was dangerous.

Precautions are better to be used then never used at all. Lives could have been saved if only the FBI took action against the threat. I am angry about how the situation took place because no one took action until several lives were lost.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Bombs or no Bombs?

I am against the removing of out Nuclear Missiles from Germany. This could put our nations safety at risk. This could also put our nations foreign relations at risk. Do we want to lose our freedom for something that could be easily worked out.

Our nation could be at risk of nuclear attack. Removing all warheads could cause Germany to build there own warheads in the same places and use them against us. Other US enemies could also build warheads that could be used against us. This will also put at risk of getting hit in other ways as well. Because we would have no way to threaten them and they would attack us.

Removing our weapons could also put our foreign relations at risk. This would occur because our allies would not feel as safe. This would make our allies, who do not have nuclear weapons, feal less at ease knowing they do not have protection.

What about relations with Germany? Well, they threatened to shoot us if we do not move them, so what would happen if we did not have weapons to put them at ease.

In my eyes the extra protection in Germany is a good think because it keeps and lets people know that we do not want to fight.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sentence 12

His Sentence:

That would mean----

From: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Unity, By S.D. Perry

A rhetorical fragment is used to show that the character starts to think about something and then stops.

My Sentence:

Then I would---

Sentence 11

His Sentence:

Nog stabbed at the controls, watched the read that told him the cloak was active as the Defiant darted away, out of Macet's sight and into the vast dark,circling towards home.

From: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Unity, by S.D. Perry.

Parallelism is used to show that all the things took place in the past. Also a participial phrases is used to close the situation and say what is happening.

I moved the slider, watched for a change in the lights, to decide what to do next, watching the director.