Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My sci-fi charracter

My character,Bob, is a saver of lost people. He saves anyone who is lost in the wilderness. His helper,Jack, stays at home watches the monitors that tell him when someone needs help. When Bob gets word that someone needs help he quickly goes after them. He is a flying man. If you get lost in the wood he will find you in the woods he will find you and get you to a safe place. Also if you get under attach he will fight of attackers. If you are in a airplane crash, he will get someone tho come rescue you.You don't have to be lost in the the woods for him to save you. You could be lost desert. You could also be lost in a big city or out in the middle of the ocean. He has a since the lets him know where the lost are. If you are lost you can count on him to come and find you.

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