Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Star Trek Insurrection by J.M. Dillard is a good example of why science fiction is my favorite genre. You can see for you self why at There are many reasons why I like Science Fiction.

The action is the main reason why I like Science Fiction. I like it when there are fights and explosions. When there is a car chase or a foot chase either one is fine with me. No madder what else the explosion are the best part.

Who does not like suspense? I do not know, but I love suspense. When you are left on the edge of your seat wander what is about to happen. Waiting on something to happen has the biggest affect. Irony will also fall under this category. Don't you just love it when you know something that one of the characters do not?

This is how I feal about Science fiction, and I hope you feal the same adout the genre. These are what sticks out most to me. I hope you have a good time reading.

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