Sunday, December 7, 2008

Julius Caesar, Speech of Mark Antony

In act three of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is one of the best example of leadership in the play. Mark Antony has the best qualities of a leader. Antony has more control over the people of Rome. When Caesar is assassinated Antony calmed down the mob. Antony was able to show people that Caesar being assassinated was a good for the empire. In act three Antony changed the mind of the people in the empire on the killers of Caesar, Brutus and Cassius. Killing Julius Caesar, helped the empire in the eyes of Antony.

Our president elect Barrack Obama has a lot of the same characteristics. Being able to speak, Obama won the election. Obama has the same speaking abilities as Antony. The two men both are able to get any person to listen to them speak.

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