Sunday, January 25, 2009

Taking a Stand

We all have times were we took a stand. We all take stands against our friends and family. I took a stand against a friend of mine. She was very hateful to me at the start of the school year. She would say things that was not true. She is now getting a taste of her own medicine.

Me and another friend of mine are saying stuff that is kinda true but not quite. She is getting so made at me. I hear of her griping about my hatefulness to to her friends. She is wanting to get me and my other friend in trouble. In order to stay out of trouble we are just not speaking to her at all. She is wandering why we do not talk to her.

I do not like having to do that to people, but if it is the only thing to do to stay out of trouble then I will do it. Even if it means losing a friend.

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