Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Antigone Review

Could you imagine what life could be like knowing you could not bury you dead relative? Would you be willing to die your self? That is the main plot to Antigone a play by Sophocles. That is the question Antigone is based on, and Antigone had not a choice on what to do.

For me this play was not real interesting. However, I like the example of taking a stand the play shows. There are also many life lessons to be learned form this play. Have you ever been greedy? Well, this play will show what kinds consequences come from being greedy.

This play was real hard for me to understand. I did not know the characters well. I had trouble understanding the plot. Even though I did not like Antigone that does not mean you will not. It is a classic and everyone need to read some classics in there life, so why not read something famous and easy to read. Just read slow and careful.

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