Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Call of the Wild Review

To kill or be killed! is what Buck has to think about in Call of the Wild by Jack London, through his adventures through the Yukon. That philosophy is what kept Call of the Wild interesting for me. Story's based on real life experiences, for me, are the most interesting.

Experiencing the life of a Yukon miner, influenced Jack London to write Call of the Wild. Jack London wrote this book telling reader about how hard life is in the Yukon. London wrote Call of the Wild in a very serious voice. Trying to keep people interested, London wrote the book with a lot of action and examples of taking a stand.

The story was written threw the eyes of Buck. The book explains how Buck goes from a gentle farm dog to a rough and tough sled dog. The story setting changes threw out the story. The setting starts at Bucks home in the south. By the middle of the story Buck is in the Yukon and will stay there. Through the style of writing I was able to feel as though I was right there in the middle of what was happening.

Killing a team member, Buck is able to achieve a goal he has always wanted. Remember kill of be killed? If Buck had not killed that other dog he would have been killed. Buck has many other stands he took latter on, or he would have been killed.

I would recommend this book to anybody. This book is written in a great style. I know we all have read classics that are boring, but Call of the Wild is not one of those books.

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