Friday, March 13, 2009

Star Trek Crossover

Will you be willing to die to save a friend? Which is what Captain Montgomery Scott has to ponder on. In Star Trek Crossover by Michael Jan Friedman, Ambassador Spock is being help prisoner on a planet called Constanthus which is in Romulan Territory. Captain Scott, Admiral McCoy, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard all risk there lives to save Spock.

Once Scott hears about Spock being held captive. Taking action, he steals the USS Yorktown which is a ship that is almost one hundred years old. He himself is close to one hundred. After leaving dock, he realizes that the bridge of the ship is actually the bridge of the USS Enterprise A. The ship he served on with Caption James Kirk.

Admiral Leonard McCoy who is one hundred and forty five years old. He is told he will be put on the Enterprise D to negotiate a release of Spock, his long time friend. Of course, he is a stubborn as he always was.

This book has not one particular setting. They are constantly move there the galaxy. The book is written in an easy style. From the beginning of the book I was left on the edge of my seat. I was always wandering what was going to happen next. If you are a fan of Star Trek this book is for you. Reading this book, I felt like I was watching the show. This book I definitely recommend.

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