Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anthem Essay

I could not imagine what life would be like living to only forty. I wrote about why the life expectancy is so low in the time of Equality 7-2521. There are three main reasons why. One is there is no hope for anyone. There is no freedom for anyone. Worst of all the living conditions are very bad.

The mothers and fathers can not look forward to seeing there children grow up. The citizens know that when they reach forty that they are about to die, and they are going to be put in the Home of the Useless. No hope is a major cause of death due to the lose of the will to live.

In terms of having no freedom, the people do not chose the job they want. They are treated harshly. Laughing, singing, and smiling warrant punishment if they have no reason to do to do those activities. Having no entertainment causes people to rather die of boredom. Many people would rather die than live with no freedom.

The living conditions in that time are very bad. There are no less than twelve people living in one house. Also bleeding is the method of healing people. In the novel they thought of a shower is never mentioned. Severe punishment follows any crime. The people are beaten for a crime as small a stealing a candle. Harsh treatment has the most effect on the the life expectancy.

These are the three main causes of short life. Either one could cause any person in this time to lose the will to live.

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