Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break 09

Am I the only one that was happy to go back to school? Well, I did absolutely nothing over Spring Break, till Thursday. On Thursday the tech team started building the set for Oklahoma. Other than three day of the break I did nothing but drive my mom and sister places. Kiwanis hosted the Hog BBQ at River Side Park on Friday. That day I had a bad run in with a mud puddle and my car, not fun.

I had quite a bit of fun building the set. With one exception, me and Mr. Williams did all the lifting. I had to unload the whole trailer of material all by myself. Then on Saturday, me and Mr. Williams's dad had to cut lumber out in the cold for an hour. In that cold rain and wind. I did a lot of sitting and doing nothing all week. A break from school was nice, but I hope everyone else had a better break.

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