Saturday, April 11, 2009

Star Trek Vulcan's Forge Review

Would you enjoy having to walk for the day in the desert when you are only thirteen years old? In Star Trek Vulcan's Forge by Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz, we travel back in time to see how Spock grew up. We learn about how he and his friend David were lost in the desert for three day on Spock's home planet, Vulcan. We also learn how Spock and David are lost on another planet, Obsidian, which neither one of the men know, fifty years later. Spock has to use his keen Vulcan senses to help the two survive. However, David, with his human look and things and illogical thoughts, helps the to figure up how to solve the problem, and he keeps the two hopes up and strengthens there friendship.

Spock has to leave his first officer in command of his ship the Intrepid II. She has to prevent war between the Federation and the Romulans. She is one of few officers that Spock served with under the command of James Kirk on the enterprise.

When Spock and McCoy, Bones, crash on Obsidian McCoy is kidnapped. Spock and David set out to find help form the base on the planet. The two do not realize what they are walking into. Spock and David are on a planet that neither of them are familiar, but the trek just brings back old memories and lead to a surprise they could not imagine.

I recommend this book to Star Trek fans and anyone else who like Science Fiction. This book will leave you wandering and on the edge of you seat all the way threw. You also will find out information about Spock no one ever new.

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Rachael said...

Next time I see you reading Star trek book I am going to take the book and gentally hit you with it. Other then that realy good review.