Friday, May 22, 2009

House on Mango Street Review

We should all be thankful for all the stuff we have. In Sandra Cisneros's House on Mango Street Esperanza is a Hispanic girl that live in a poor district of Chicago. She lives with her mom, dad, and sister. She lives in a fairly bad end neighborhood. They live in a house that is to small and is not very nice. She is in school. She also has never been out of her neighborhood her school is just down the street from her. Her mother never when to college and dropped out of high school. Having not been to college, her mother wants Esperanza to go to college, so she can move to a better place.

The story talks about the young life of Esperanza. The story talks about how Sandra Cisceros grew up in a poor part of town. She tells in a people friendly way how Hispanic people lived back when she was a kid. She opens a window into her life.

This is a pretty good book. This novel is written very differently than what I am used to. Also, the novel was kinda hard to follow. I had trouble finding a specific plot. However, I recommend this book. Sandra Cisceros teacher many lessons in this story. We all need to see how our live could be worse.

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