Friday, May 22, 2009

Of MIce and Men Review

Keep yourself out of trouble! That was the main saying George to Lennie threw out John Steinbeck's OF Mice and Men. This story takes place in the state of California during the dust bowl age. George and Lennie are cousins. They travel together from work camp to work camp. They are broke. Lennie has some minor mental problems. The two have been talking about getting a farm with animals on it. Lennie likes animals. He carried mice in his pockets but they kept dieing. Having killed many small animals, George would not let Lennie have a pet.

Later on, after a friend they made gave Lennie a puppy he accidentally petted it to rough. That play an important role later on. Lennie is a rough but really nice guy. This book has a surprising ending. You leave yourself thinking, I now understand.

This is a pretty good book. Very boring in the start. However once you get to the middle the story starts coming together. I recommend this book to anyone. You will understand the bad language once you get to chapter two. Enjoy your reading.

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