Friday, May 22, 2009

Reflexion of Sophmore year

This has been one of the best years of my life! I made a lot of new friends. I met a lot of new teachers. I have had more homework this year than I ever had before, but I did not mind. I have just taken the hardest class I have ever taken, Pre-Ap Chemistry. I loved Key Club and Beta club.

I would like to thank all my teachers, especially Mr. Russell. He helped me threw Pre-Ap Chemistry. Without him being such a nice man I would have failed. Also thank you Mrs. Gillmore. For working with me this year, threw all my computer problems. I also look forward to being on yearbook staff next year. Also, thanks alot Coach Armstrong you are a great teacher and I loved your class. I also loved Desktop Publishing. That was one of the most fun classes I have ever had. You made the class fun Mrs. Crossett do not change anything. I really would like to thank Mr. Williams. He gave me the most fun and exiting oppertunity I have ever been in. I felt great being apart of somthing big, and I would love to be your sound man again next year. Mr. Goodwins class was the most interesting History class I have ever had. Mr. Robertson, thanks for all the help this you. If you were not such a good teacher and a nice person I would have failed. I would like to have you again next year. Thanks again to all my teachers.

I will never forget this year. I felt right at home when I first got to the high school. Again I have had a great year. Everyone have a fun and safe summer.


Stacy said...

No need to thank me. You did all the work! I really enjoyed getting to know a good guy like yourself.

Mrs. Gillmore said...

You are welcome!

Glad your first year in high school was such a success!