Friday, June 19, 2009

A Whole New Mind

I just read A Whole New Mind by Danielle H. Pink. Pink explains what Empathy is. He explains the Empathy is putting your self in someone else's shoes. Putting yourself in someone else's position and realize how they feel.

Some people say I am not very nice, and some people say I am a good person to talk to when they have problems. I wanted to see what one I was more like.

Pink discussed many other elements that are important in our life. This chapter just caught my attention more than any of the others. I took the EQ quiz that Pink suggested in the portfolio in the end of the chapter. From the quiz it showed that I am empathetic. You can see my score, and you could talk the quiz at

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Your score: 43
0 - 19 = low
20 - 39 = average (most women score about 24 and most men score about 30)
40 - 50 = above average (most people with Asperger Syndrome or high-functioning autism score in this range)
51 - 80 is very high (three times as many people with Asperger Syndrome score in this range, compared to typical men, and almost no women score in this range)
80 is maximum

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Lisa Huff said...

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.