Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Animal Farm Review

What if, that is all I can say about Animal Farm by George Orwell. Lets say you were a farmer and all your animals got together and ran you off your own farm. How would you react? I know how I would react, and I would fight back. This is what happened to Mr. Jones in this book. Except, he tried to fight back and failed.

The story took place on a farm in the English country side. There were not very many close neighbors. In the book the author states how pretty the view is.

Now, lets go back to history class. Remember learning about the Russian Revolution? That is basically the same thing in this story. They over threw there ruler, started peacefully and ended up starting a dictatorship. Only the smartest received the good treatment, best food, and best sleeping places. The strict rules were so strictly punished that there were even executions.

The animals started trading with nearby farms when the money runs low. Except for one farm were a traitor of animal farms is believed to be hiding. This book left me wandering what will happen next all the way threw. I also realized how animals might actually feel. This is a great book and recommends Animal Farm to everyone.

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